Advisory Board

ISSA-UK has formed an Executive Advisory Board of senior UK info security leaders who help to form the strategic direction and vision for the organization and includes:

  • Rt Hon Baroness Neville-Jones (Chairman)
  • Lord David Blunkett
  • Dr. John Meakin (Joint Dep. Chair)
  • Dr. David King (Joint Dep. Chair)
  • Paul Simmonds
  • Professor Fred Piper
  • Earl of Erroll
  • Philip Virgo
  • Charlie McMurdie
  • Andrew Yeomans
  • John Colley
  • Lord Toby Harris
  • Geoff Harris
  • Tim Grieveson
  • Iain Sutherland
  • Josh Pennell
  • Sir Kevin Tebbit
  • Mike Loginov

The role of the ISSA-UK Advisory Board is to:

Be aware of chapter activities and make recommendations on the strategic direction
To assist with the promotion of the chapter’s activities through government, corporate, vendor, public, partner, media, research and education channels.
To facilitate discussion and feedback on key information security related issues of national importance
To take part in cross party/representation forums on specific areas of interests and initiatives for the chapter
To collaborate with other UK information security bodies

Advisory Board Meetings

It is expected that there will be 3 main Advisory Board meeting per year. Typically these will be held in January, May & October.  The Advisory Board meetings will operate under the Chatham House Rule :

“When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed”.

Meetings will be typically one hour in length followed by an optional dinner to encourage informal networking amongst the Advisory Board.

ISSA-UK Advisory Board Forums

Where the Advisory Board identifies specific issues of national importance resulting in a need for further in-depth discussion and action, special interest groups will be formed – “ISSA-UK Advisory Board Forums”.  Typically only 2-3 forums are likely to be formed each year.

ISSA-UK Advisory Board Forums will be chaired by a member of the Advisory Board and will contain at least one member from the ISSA-UK Board of Directors.  ISSA-UK Advisory Board Forums are encouraged to include ISSA-UK members from ISSA Expert Panels as well as other non-ISSA luminaries in order to create well-balanced groups. It is expected that the outputs from these forums will be capable of delivering strong messages through press releases, white papers and presentations to government, corporate, vendor, public, partner, media, research and education channels.


The Information Security Awareness Forum (ISAF –, founded by the ISSA-UK Advisory Board, is a non-for-profit voluntary organization whose members comprise industry and professional bodies with interests in promoting and improving information security awareness at all levels of organisations, be this large, small, public, private and voluntary; as well as individuals, from directors, managers professionals to teachers, parents and children.

Advisory Board Membership Criteria

These roles are voluntary and engagement should be without direct political, commercial or financial gain. ISSA-UK is unable to fund expenses for Advisory Board members. However, in order to show appreciation, thanks and promote informal networking, ISSA-UK will fund a members’ dinner following each of the main Advisory Board meetings. ISSA-UK Advisory Board members will be kept informed of chapter activities via the monthly newsletter and are invited to attend ISSA-UK chapter events throughout the year.

If you would like to join our advisory board please contact