ISSA UK CHAPTER Elections 2017

Voting: Candidate Profiles

  • Open for Nominations – Friday 22 September
  • Closing of Nominations – Friday 20 October
  • Publication of Nominations – Friday 3 November
  • Opening of Electronic Voting – Friday 3 November
  • Closing of Electronic Voting – midnight Tuesday 5 December
  • Results of Elections – Thursday 7 December at ISSA UK Chapter Meeting
  • Elected Officers take office – 1 January 2017
Officer Positions
  • ISSA-UK Treasurer (2 year term)
  • Three At-Large Officers (2 year term)
Duties and responsibilities The following paragraphs from the Bylaws of the ISSA-UK Chapter explain the duties and responsibilities for the Officer Positions to be elected:


The Treasurer shall collect all membership dues and other monies or articles of value belonging to the Chapter, pay bills and expenses in a timely manner, issue invoices to sponsors as directed and shall keep an accurate account of all treasury receipts, expenditures, and deposits.

Tenure – two years.

Other Officer positions (referred to in the bylaws as At-Large Officers)

The three At-Large Officers shall undertake such duties as the Chapter Board of Directors may decide from time to time. At-Large Officers are responsible for attending management team meetings and chapter events as well as carrying out specific role responsibilities as allocated by mutual agreement between the President and the elected officer. Duties will be confirmed after the election by the ISSA UK Board.

Tenure – two years.

Eligibility The eligibility criteria for these positions are:


To be eligible for election to the office of Treasurer, the nominee must be a Member in good standing.

Other Officer positions (referred to in the bylaws as At-Large Officers)

To be eligible for election to an At Large Officer position, the nominee must be a Member in good standing.

Members in Good Standing – definition ISSA-UK Members who maintain their Association Membership by payment of Association dues as required under the Article VII of the Association’s Bylaws shall be considered in good standing and entitled to full privilege of membership.

Nominees who are not Members in good standing on 7 October 2017 will not be eligible.

Nominations process Nominations for these positions are now invited (22 September).

A person can nominate himself or herself or another person for a position (no seconder is needed). All those nominated must be full members at 7 October 2017.

A candidate may only nominate themselves for either the Treasurer or one of the other officer positions (At-Large Officers). A candidate may not stand for more than one position.

As stated in the Bylaws of the ISSA-UK Chapter, candidates may, if they wish, seek endorsement from one or more ISSA-UK Board members and should do so at the outset of their nomination not at the end of the nominating period. If a Board member agrees to give endorsements, they may endorse one candidate per position.

The eligibility criteria are explained above. If you are a full member in good standing and wish to be nominated, please send the following information to elections@issa-uk.org before Friday 20 October:

• Nominee’s name

• The Officer position for which the person is being nominated

• A brief one-paragraph biography / statement explaining why the nominee is suitable for the position (~250 words max)

• A photograph of the nominee (JPG, ~500 pixels wide max)

Statement of Commitment

Voting process Voting will commence on Friday 3 November and each member in good standing will be able to vote online. Details of how to vote will be sent to each member.

As with last year, online voting will be set up for each member. Each member will be given a random number and ISSA membership number to ensure they can only vote once.

Email notification to all members will be sent out on a regular basis to remind them to vote.

If you have election questions, feedback or want to be removed from the ballot and email list for this election, please contact the Nominating Committee at elections@issa-uk.org.

Results Election results (names of new Officers) will be announced at the Chapter Meeting in London on 7 December and then sent as mailshot to members and posted here on the ISSA UK website by 8 December.

Elected Officers take up positions on 1 January 2018

Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee for this year’s elections comprises

Edmund Lee (elections@issa-uk.org)

Will Archdeacon (elections@issa-uk.org)