Insertingintoshredder250815-smallGabe Chomic, President of ISSA UK, was the first member to have their personal hard drives destroyed at Data Eliminate Ltd. Gabe visited Data Eliminate’s premises in Central London to have three personal hard drives containing sensitive information securely destroyed.

Gabe assisted in, an
d witnessed, the destruction process by inserting his drives into the shredding machine and by inspecting the Corn-Flake-sized particles which emerged.

“The new data destruction Member Benefit the ISSA is offering in partnership with Data Eliminate Ltd should be really useful to ISSA members.   I am sure that many information security colleagues have handheld devices and hard drives which they have retained after the asset is no longer used in order to protect the informInspectingthefragments250815-smallation held on them. Now ISSA members can dispose of those items in a secure and environmentally responsible way,” said Gabe.

A 50% reduction is available to ISSA members on Date Eliminate’s HMG Corporate Grade Data Destruction Service. This includes the shredding of data bearing assets to 15mm x 15mm particles and a Certificate of Destruction showing the details of the assets destroyed.




For more details visit the Member Benefits page.