Without networking, there’d be no internet.

However, I’m referring to a different type of networking – Human Networking…

I can only speak about what’s going on in London so I’m keen to know what the scene is around the UK but my gosh, the calendar of security networking events in London is pretty impressive.

You could fill your week up simply by attending security events. There’s an event/meetup for pretty much any area of security; Application Security, Risk Management, Threat Modelling, Cloud Security, DevSecOps – you name it, it exists!

This many events surely indicates demand. Indeed, there’s demand but what it also indicates is a great camaraderie amongst the security industry. We’re fighting battles all day long at work but we’re not done at 5.30pm. No – we want to learn more, talk more about security and have a drink with each other laughing at how impossible our jobs are! Our non-security friends have to wait till the weekend because we’re having too much fun at these events.

In general, security people much like IT people are probably considered a little dull, no? Well with our booming social scene, aren’t we proving that not only do we truly love what we do (since we want to spend our evenings at security events) but that we’re actually social butterflies?

So whilst this all sounds like buckets of fun, what value do you get from attending networking events?

Well I got my job from meeting someone at a networking event which just so happened to be an ISSA event so I might be a little biased but asides from that, not only do you get to learn a bit more about security but you get the opportunity to mingle with other security folk , both junior and senior across the whole industry and that’s where you get value. That’s how you learn – even if you’re just listening to conversations. It’s a safe place to ask questions, share your opinions and be challenged without any worry of embarrassing yourself infront of work colleagues or your boss. It’s a casual environment after all!

So here’s your call to action – come to the next ISSA event, meet the friendly regulars and the newbies that will be in your shoes (there’s always plenty of them) and then join them at other events too! You’ll soon recognise the value of networking.