ISSA-UK 2020 Election Nominees

The nominees listed below have been identified in accordance with the election procedures outlined here and in accordance with the bylaws. All members in good standing at this point will receive the opportunity to vote.  Instructions will be distributed to the email address on file with ISSA International.

One vote is allowed for the position of President. Three votes are allowed for the Member-At-Large positions.

For the office of President, there are two candidates.

Richard Starnes

I am currently the VP of Policy working on our inclusion to the UK Cyber Security Council. I have been an ISSA member for almost 20 years. I was a founding member of the ISSA UK and ISSA Bluegrass chapters, serving two terms as chapter president at both. During my presidency, ISSA UK received the Chapter of the Year award twice. It has also been my honour to receive an ISSA International Fellowship. I have the hard won experience and ideas to take this chapter to the next level.

Tim Holman

Tim has been involved with the ISSA-UK chapter since 2006, and has been a member for over 15 years. He moved onto the ISSA International Board once completing 4 years as ISSA-UK President, and is now looking to lead the chapter once again.

He has been working in Cyber since 1999 and has long advocated the importance of building communities where professionals can network and share ideas. He took a break from ISSA since his tenure on the International Board, to focus on building his consulting business. But now he’s back and looking to take ISSA-UK to new and exciting places.

He is based in London, and works in Tower 42 near Bank, where you can find him most days, avoiding public transport and hopefully COVID by cycling into work from Surrey.


For the office of Secretary, there is one candidate.

In accordance with the ISSA-UK bylaws, voting for the position of Secretary will not be held.



David Zilberberg

Many of you know me from the years serving ISSA-UK chapter as various roles and the time had come for another election round.

I have been an ISSA-UK board member for some years now , I would love to support the chapter going forward as the “Secretary” again and would love for your continued support.

My views and ambition are to support the UK chapter best I can and make sure that our members are looked after in the best possible way, Support the chapter growth plans and help ISSA voice be heard across the industry.

I bring many years of varied experience to the table and I still know ISSA is a great platform to be part of.


For the three Member-At-Large positions, there are seven candidates.

Clinton Walker

I have over 18 years’ experience in the Tech Industry,  16 of which are in various aspects of security strategy, security project management, implementation, network hardening, business continuity strategy/implementation, compliance and assurance. My experience also spans budgeting, financial management, people management and planning. I currently work with various clients, project managers and 3rd parties to deliver compliance and security solutions for new and established companies.

I have worked with ISSA UK before covering events in the North and East Midlands and working with Grant Thornton.  This was a very great opportunity to help others network in different parts of the country around the emerging landscape in the Cybersecurity sector.  I have also ran my own Infosec Conference successfully between 2012 -2015 in Nottingham.  As part of this I obtained substantial sponsorship from local businesses, Microsoft, Computerweekly, HP, the local council, The Inland Revenue and other Tech companies to support local business.

Separate to running this event, I delivered and continue to deliver talks to local events and businesses.   With these key ingredients, I think am the right fit for the role of Officer at Large to help drive clear strategic vision and leadership to foster and champion Cybersecurity in the region with Head Office Support and inclusion in head office meetings.

I possess, planning and negotiation skills, innovative pragmatic approach to getting things done through collaborative working relationships and an eye for value-base outcome.

If given the opportunity to be part of the Management Committee, or if I am nominated, I will share my ideas to help revamp and develop some interesting approaches to help members and the Cybersecurity community whilst bringing more awareness to ISSA UK.

I am confident I am ready and able to contribute and build on the successes that have been achieved thus far.  Another key reason for applying for is that, after reviewing the composition of the board, I noted there were no real diversity on the board.  This is something I am passionate about and would like to be that person that makes a start to reflect the community we serve.

Drew Perry

I am here to step up and take ISSA to the next level with a focus on new member engagement, different events, and putting a more technical spin on our events for actual knowledge sharing. Is anyone else sick of the same same? Soon we may be able to meet again, but for now how about we get proper virtual! Having been involved with the ISSA UK Management Team for quite some time I have helped where possible, but now I am ready to take on a real role.

For those who do not know me, let me introduce myself. I am Drew Perry 2 x ISSA Pitch on The Ship winner (wow!) and all-round major geek with a serious passion for all thing’s cyber security. I hack, advise, and sell souls…ah hem “Solutions” to companies big and small. A vote for me is a vote to #hacktheplanet.

Ok, on a serious note I strongly believe in making the world a more secure place. As we march towards an automation focused future, we need to ensure security is the fundamental core of everything we build and do. Let’s do that at ISSA UK and get a dose of socialisation along the way.

Grant Ongers

I have extensive experience in the community both within the UK and abroad. I consider myself to be an asset to the local UK community and would like to continue contributing in this way. As the CTO of Secure Delivery, a UK based company that is dedicated to securing delivery, I think it important to engage within the UK context.

I have extensive experience serving on multiple boards and planning committees, both community driven and as a part of my professional career. In that career I have been involved in building platforms for regulated industries for more than 10 years. I have had 20 + years of experience in operations which stretched from managing the operations of global NOC’s to supporting and administering mainframes and databases. I also have 30 years of involvement in pushing the needle forward within the (Info)Sec industry.

My extensive community involvement speaks for itself as I have been a part of multiple global teams: Staff at BSides (London, Las Vegas, and Cape Town), Goon at DEF CON (USA) for a decade and I am the DC2721 co-founder, staff at BlackHat (USA and EU), and am currently on the OWASP Global Board as a Board Member at Large.

I understand the level of involvement needed to contribute to a board and I am committed to carving the needed time out for this. I feel that it is important to contribute to the overall community and think that this would allow me to contribute at a larger scale to the local UK one.

Pamela Rüstem

Pamela Rüstem has over 30 years business experience working globally and across various verticals with multi-national companies such as Global One, PSI Net, BT Infonet and Redstone, winning prestigious Awards such as the President’s Award – for Outstanding Achievement amongst others, in various roles covering Sales & Business Leadership.

Adept in several languages, Pamela has owned her own business and worked internationally.  She is an active member in Politics and Government and sits on the Executive Committee of the Conservative Science & Technology Forum (CSTF) where she is Deputy Chair of the Cyber Security Group working closely with Members of Parliament.  Pamela is also on the Board of the International Wine and Food Society (IWFS).

Pamela has a keen interest in ground-breaking, innovative technologies and is a Founder of a Technology Company herself.   She has been a judge on the Panel of the SC Awards and an Editorial Board Member of the SC Magazine,  a member for many years and a Board Member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) UK Chapter, where she made history by winning an Achievement Award in 2018, for generating more revenue as VP Sponsorship, than ever before in ISSA UK’s history!

Ryan King

 I would like to bring to the next 2 years of my position on the board a modern way of attracting new members, attracting sponsors and innovative events whilst sticking to the principles that make the ISSA-UK a leading security organisation and Non-for Profit.. I promise to adhere to the standards set about before me and to support the president and the rest of the team to the best of my ability and use my 15 years in the industry to help others focussing on education and those wanting to get into cyber.

Sophie Wingrove

Sophie has been helping the ISSA-UK Chapter to run events for over 10 years, and is now looking to join the board as an Officer to ensure ISSA-UK stays on track throughout the COVID pandemic and continues to offer high quality events and networking opportunities to members. Sophie has also been involved with successfully securing sponsorship over these years to ensure the UK Chapter is able to continue successfully.

Vladimir Jirasek

I am is a highly qualified security professional with a long experience in IT industry, information + IT + Cyber security, Cloud Security. He is a highly regarded individual by his peers, clients and senior executives (such as CIOs and CTOs).

I believe that it pays back to give back to a cyber security community and grow new generations of experts that will further drive innovations in the information security industry. My involvement in the ISSA UK would like to

A) push for deeper engagement with other security organisations’ chapters in the UK, such as CSA UK where I organise events. There is a finite number of stakeholders UK chapters can address and joining forces in events and communications should help to deliver objectives of each organisation. With the latest forced move to virtual conferences and events, such cooperation becomes easier and will benefit everyone.

B) actively seek involvement from younger generations from diverse backgrounds, as well as balancing male-female ration in information security. The key effort should be given to cooperation with schools, especially secondary, 6th form and universities.